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Welcome to our website. We are a professional team of different specialists - lawyers, auditors, accountants, real estate agents working together on issues such as the opening of the Panama Corporations and Panama Private Interest Foundations, corporate and personal bank accounts in Panama, the Immigration and Naturalization services, investments and more. Passing on our own experience all of the above transactions, we have selected the best specialists in each field. We will give a particular specialist to each specific situation who is really professional. If it is an audit or annual tax return that you need to obtain a mortgage, it will be one person, but if the question of naturalization, it will be an immigration lawyer, which specializes only on these is ... [+]
If you have not been in Panama, then I strongly advise you to visit this small and beautiful country in Central America. There are well combined styles of America and Europe. High-rise buildings in harmony with the office buildings and luxurious shopping centers, with easy to find all the delights of the European cuisine and other edible pleasures of a cozy pastry café with good coffee and food to the most refined taste, thus, like in US, lots of food, each meter can be something to eat and drink, from hamburgers and Chinese food to the Dutch pancakes and ice cream. In the capital there is a Subway (Metro), comfortable buses, so that in the transport component you will feel no worse than in Europe. Medicine is also on the level, many private hospitals and expensive equipment for surveys of any complexity, and can be at any price - from the most prestigious hospitals to the regional health centers, where also there is a quality, but a very modest money. Panama is one of the few countries where you can combine leisure and business. If we talk about business, it is not a problem. You can do any business for a small investment and a minimum of securities and without fear from the regulatory authorities, monitoring just the minimum, you yourself will be interested to sell quality services, fighting for the clients, as Panamanians love the new and fashionable stuff. But the most profitable business here - is real estate. Buy an ap ...[+]
Banks must identify the beneficial owners of companies Superintendency of Banks of Panama granted one year for the banks operating in the country to determine the ultimate beneficiaries in corporations who open accounts in their institutions. Information was published in the second half of the day in the Official Gazette 27681. According to the text agreed standard ", the bank must establish the final beneficiary or to identify the true owner of the legal entity. In the case of corporations, banks have to request documents evidencing the name of an individual identified as the ultimate beneficiary and the certificate of the shareholders of the corporation." In cases where a corporation with bearer shares, banks will require immobilization of shares through the bank itself or depositary approved by the bank or banks will be require oath declaration data of the final beneficiaries. For accounts opened prior to the reform, the Superintendency of Banks provides a year to bring the documents according to the norm. For new customers, it is obligatory from this day.   [+]
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